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- Ideas & Suggestions for Promotions
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    Our customers in the past have had some fantastic ideas for the promotions they ran with our promotional products and we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the most successful promotions with all of our customers on our website (with their permission of course).

Our customers have ranged from one man operations and mom & pop stores to large corporations and universities, yet we found one common theme running through all of them. This was their desire to succeed and prosper and in this desire they really found great ways to successfully market their organizations using our creative promotional products.

There are three common uses for promotional products in marketing:

1. Obtain new customers     2. Build brand awareness     3. Keep existing customers

1. Obtaining New Customers
      Promotional products are a great way to obtain new customers and new accounts.

      Put an ad in a local newspaper advertising free light pens (or other products) just for stopping in.       As past experience has shown this works well to get more traffic through the door and more       accounts opened!

      Use promotional products as incentives to purchase from your website. Demand is high for the       products we sell and if you offer them free to your customers they will be sure to pick your site       over competitors!

      Hand out our innovative promo products at trade shows. They were designed to be practical, fun       and innovative so they will be perfect to help the trade show visitors remember your company the       most when everyone else is giving out the "same 'ol stuff"!

2. Building Brand Awareness
      Promotional products are probably one of the best ways to build brand awareness.

      Use innovative and high quality promotional products to launch your new brand or product in the       right market place!

      Use light up ice cubes at a corporate gathering to entertain your guests and leave a lasting,
      favorable impression of your company or brand!

3. Keeping Existing Customers
      Promotional products help keep existing customers thinking of you.

      At Christmas or another holiday give your best customers a free gift imprinted with your info on it       to remind them of you during the new year. Customers can often forget about you if they think you       forgot about them.

      Send your customers a free imprinted product with every order. They will use this free gift       regularly and will tend to buy from you more often, giving you tons of more business each year!

Remember that it takes money to make money and promotional products have one of the best track records for returns on your marketing dollar!

If you have an idea or suggestion you would like to share with us please feel free to email it to us at

Toll Free 1-800-790-6090 or order online and get FREE 1 color imprinting!
As the global leader in light gadgets we emphasize quality & design and this will become clear after using our promotional products in your next campaign. Try our proven promotional products and see for yourself! There is nothing like innovation to promote a business & there is no one like Bluetrack™ for innovation!
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